The Oasis—Since Childhood

Last weekend, my husband took me to the Oasis for lunch and a fun round of mini-golf. The Oasis is a perfect example of something I remember about this town from when I was a child and can still enjoy today.


Lining up for a putt

I am not sure what exactly makes this place so appealing … The food will by no means mentally transport me to Portland or San Francisco, and the mini-golf course is not the fanciest around. But, something about the classic diner food (my favorite is grilled cheese with tomato) and the artificially blue water on the course finds a special place in my heart.

Secret Passage

Kevin racing to see if his ball made it in the secret passage through the water, in front of the big blue waterfall

I remember coming here in middle school with my friends, playing a round then indulging in a CMP (chocolate, marshmallow, peanut) sundae. It was one of those places that you knew your parents would say yes to dropping you off on your own. It is located in the middle of cornfields (although it certainly has been built up close by), and it is a great place to watch the planes fly into the airport, too.

On our visit last weekend, the trip was sweetened by the fact that I won my first game of mini-golf ever. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t play a good game, but my husband played slightly worse (by 1 stroke).

I Won

For the first time in my life, I WON a round of mini-golf!

One upside to settling down in your home town … You can always find a nostalgic experience.


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