Why helloooo, there!

Welcome! Thanks for checking me out. This seems like an awkward first meeting where I am not sure whether to lay it all out on the table or let you discover little tidbits about me as time goes on.

Me, swinging

Look! I am so happy you are reading this, I am swinging!

My natural skepticism is poking out a bit because I am wondering why/how you ended up here … Do you know me? Did you feel obligated to read this? Are you from the Lehigh Valley, looking to move/visit here? Are you also trying to fall in love with the place you find yourself in right now?

Whatever your reason for landing here, I hope you’ll enjoy what you find. This blog is all about what I am finding to love in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Take a look at the “About” page for more on why I started writing this. I’ll be posting recipes (or sometimes just flavor inspirations—I am not much of an exact measurement gal) using ingredients from right here, commentaries on local places I dig, maybe some interviews with cool Lehigh Valley-ites, and whatever else may strike my fancy as something cool about where I am from and where I am now.


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