Drink & Draw

Last night, I went to what was perhaps one of the most relaxing Valley events I have been to in a long time. I think I had heard about Drink & Draw at the Bethlehem Brew Works before, but I never had the opportunity or companionship to check it out. So, when my friend Amanda suggested attending last week, I was stoked. Unfortunately, we discovered it had been postponed until this week due to Musikfest, so I had to keep my pencils away for a few more days.

Yesterday, we wandered in to the Steelgaarden Annex in the back bottom of the brewpub, unsure of what to expect. After paying a $6 cover (a reasonable cost, I thought, to pay the 4 models and the live band), we walked in to a surprisingly diverse mix of artsy folk—different ages, styles, cultures—spread out across the various couches and stools. People were chatting, drinking, eating and, of course, drawing. We headed to the bar to discover some great specials ($3 margaritas or Valley Goldens, $3 tacos), then carried our strong margaritas to a comfy couch across the room.

A strong margarita and some charcoal makes for a good evening.

A strong margarita and some charcoal makes for a good evening.

The models (2 individual, 2 posing as a couple) rotated around the room for a series of 10-15 minute poses. It took some adjustment to do figure drawing with clothed models, but after a brief warm up, I was in the groove. Aside from one fidgety model, they all did a fantastic job, creatively using stools, chairs and pool sticks to create a variety of poses. A local band, Juicebox, played throughout the evening, entertaining us with blue grass-y, upbeat tunes on guitar, hand drums and mandolin. I was contentedly reminded of Weezer’s Island in the Sun.

Amanda working on a sketch.

Amanda working on a sketch.

Of course, with the Lehigh Valley being a small world within the greater small world, it turned out that one of the models had gone to Liberty High School and played in band, orchestra and chorus with many of my friends. Three of us got the chance to talk with the aspiring actor at the end of the night (we closed down the event!). He was quite taken with Amanda’s portrait of him laying on his back, dangling his head off a bench.

James Nestor and his upside-down portrait.

Up-and-coming actor/figure drawing model James Nester and his upside-down portrait by Amanda.

It felt great to exercise my figure drawing muscles again, even better in a cool atmosphere with rockin’ tunes and good company. I’ll be looking forward to the next second Tuesday to drink & draw again! Maybe some day I’ll check out Pints & Purls, too …


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