Weekend Hodgepodge

In my life, weekends are generally a hodgepodge of seemingly random activities around the Lehigh Valley. My husband works on Saturdays, so overnight getaways are rare. Instead, I take the opportunity to make Saturday mornings my own, then try to spend the rest of the weekend with him. Sometimes our activities are high adventure, sometimes rather mundane. But, we try to make them fun and use them to explore the area we live in. So, expect to see a collection of photos each week on Sunday or Monday, highlighting some particularly exceptional parts of the weekend!

Nawab Indian Restaurant

Friday night dinner at Nawab for my mother-in-law's birthday. DELICIOUS. Look for a post dedicated to Nawab in the near future!

Coffee & Cake

Vegan Treats Strawberry Amaretto Cake and coffee for the birthday celebration.

Yard Sale Loot

Saturday morning held a trip to Jaime K's (of Save the Kales) vintage yardsale. All of this loot for $20!!!

Picnic Basket

My favorite yard sale find—a picnic basket! I am dreaming of all the fun places this basket will go, full of delicious sandwiches & wine, and it only cost $3!

Jim Thorpe

Saturday afternoon, I headed a little out of the valley to visit a friend in Jim Thorpe. On the drive up, I was reminded of PA's less than stellar environmental practices with mining (barren land everywhere), but there are still many of pockets of beauty.

Downtown Jim Thorpe

Downtown Jim Thorpe reminds me of a European village. I didn't spend any time wandering around the shops on this trip, but look for that as a future post!

Westgate Pizza

Saturday night culminated with some take out from Westgate Pizza. I grew up on this place, but hadn't been there in at least 10 years. In my mind, there are 3 kinds of pizza, each one valuable for a different frame of mind: greasy pizzeria, chain pizza, artisan pizza. This fulfills the craving for greasy, salty, gooey pizza for sure! Someday I'll do a full post on the goodness.

Sunday was spent vegged out watching Next Food Network Star and preparing one of my favorite dishes EVER, both with my husband. The next post will be a guessing game to see what dish it was!


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