Weekend Hodgepodge

Ah, a long weekend—One of the greatest things about holiday weekends like this one is that singular moment when you realize that there’s one more day. For me, that moment happened after a cookout with my in-laws, while my husband and I were hunched around the computer, drinking wine and pinpointing geocaches to find on our upcoming roadtrip to Maine. My mind started wandering towards what I had to accomplish in the upcoming week, which lunches I should pack for work, what clothing needed washing … and then the sweet realization hit me that the weekend wasn’t over. It’s the greatest feeling. I think I still savor those moments a little more than some people do because it has only been a year since I’ve had a job that affords me paid holidays—Truly something to be grateful for!

So, this weekend was full of lazy, food-fueled moments spent with family and enjoying the simple pleasure of not working—Especially valuable for my husband, who works manual labor 6 long days a week.

Joe's Pizza

Friday started off with an unhealthy but oh-so-good celebration of my quit smoking anniversary. Joe's Pizza in Trexlertown truly has the best cheesesteaks in the valley. Pair it with fried cauliflower for me and cheese fries (enormous!) for Kevin, and there's a serious food coma on the way. (Don't worry, this provided us with several days worth of lunch.) FYI- They offer whole wheat and gluten free pizza crusts, as well as many veg-friendly options.

Vegan Treats dessert

The ending to our smoke-free celebration—Vegan Treats Peanut Butter Candy Cake and soy-cream. Still working our way through both. 🙂

Neighborhood Walk

After all that decadence Friday night, my daily walk had to be extra long on Saturday. Keep your eyes open for a new post category this week called "Neighborhood Walk," where you'll see the litte details that make this a nice place to be.

Marblehead Salmon

Saturday evening, we met my parents for dinner at the Marblehead Grill & Chowderhouse for a farewell dinner before they leave for their annual couple of months in Maine. Still full from last night, I opted for grilled salmon with tomato-basil sauce and CRAB PIEROGIES (which I couldn't finish). Marblehead prepares great meals and uses sustainably sourced seafood.


My husband's aunt, uncle and grammy came for a visit, so we joined his family for a relaxing backyard campfire the night they arrived. The embers looked exceptionally pretty that night.


We also joined my in-laws for an afternoon cookout (eaten indoors for fear of rain). A great time with family we don't get to see all that often!

Columcille Megalith Park

Finally, we got to see Columcille Megalith Park in Bangor! I heard about this place last fall but hadn't the chance to see it. All I can say is WOW. It's a 17-acre park/woodland atmosphere filled with shrines, monolith stones and Celtic spiritual sacred spaces. Look for a complete post about Columcille next Tuesday. Amazing, strange, and mystical.


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