Adventuring: Maine, Day 4


On the fourth day of our road trip, we dropped my nephew off at preschool and said goodbye to the dogs and my sister & her husband.


Skippy taking a rest on Kevin's knee


Penny, who I think is half cat, basks in the sun

We headed off to Camden, where my parents spend 9 weeks each year, an hour and a half north-east.


Our Route from Falmouth to Camden

Our Route from Falmouth to Camden


Just after arriving in town, my parents took us out for lunch to the Waterfront Restaurant. Situated on the quaint Camden Harbor, the casual restaurant served classic local meals. We sat outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and our tasty meals.

I had a fried haddock sandwich with remoulade.

I had a fried haddock sandwich with remoulade.



Kevin enjoyed a grilled crab, bacon and avocado sandwich. He talked about it for days!


Both of my parents ordered the local Aldamere Farms Beef burger. We went to see the farm the next day, so look for a picture of the "Oreo Cookie Cows" tomorrow!

After enjoying a leisurely lunch, we headed over to Zoot Coffee for a beverage to sip on as we wandered the harbor area. Zoot is my parents’ coffee shop of choice when they are away from their cherished Wise Bean. I had a delicious chai tea, and thought it quite appropriate when my husband called me over to look at this poem posted on the condiment station wall:

There are those who love to get dirty
and fix things.
They drink coffee at dawn,
beer after work,

And those who stay clean,
just appreciate things,
At breakfast they have milk
and juice at night.

There are those who do both,
they drink tea.

Warm drinks in hand, we set out on a hunt for a geocache in the harbor. We had to enlist the harbor master’s help in finding this one, but we did uncover it!

We also noted Camden’s love of literature as we explored. From the library being housed on the best real estate in town to the book benches and author-named coffee blends to the statue of Edna St. Vincent Millay, it was obvious that folks in this town appreciate literature!

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Book Benches

Book Benches

The highlight of the day came as we boarded the 93-year-old Schooner Surprise for a sunset cruise around the coastal islands. The Captain, Jack, and his First Mate, Barbara, were warm and welcoming as we boarded the ship. They even enlisted Kevin to help raise the sails, and we got to have our picture taken at the ship’s wheel! A light breeze propelled us as we passed a lighthouse, several islands and other ships, then returned to harbor as the sun dipped behind Mount Battie. Here are a bunch of photos from the expedition!

Kevin hoists the sails!

Kevin hoists the sails!

Curtis Island Lighthouse

Curtis Island Lighthouse

Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Kevin gazing at the setting sun

Kevin gazing at the setting sun

Passing Schooner

A similar passing schooner

Us at the Wheel

Us at the Wheel!

The Captain in his Surprise attire

The Captain's Surprise attire

Sunset Over Camden Harbor

Sunset Over Camden Harbor

After a relaxing trip on the boat, we regained our land legs by stopping at Chocolatier Blue for a confection. They were a wonderful to taste as they were to look at!

Chocolatier Blue

I tried Sage-Honey, Kevin tried Strawberry Jelly & Peanut Butter, my mother tried Mojito and my father tried Banana Split. All excellent!

Finally, we headed back to my parents’ cottage to enjoy a dinner of beef tenderloin with local mushrooms, squash and potatoes. We had a lot of resting up to do for our exciting day to follow! Check back tomorrow for details!


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  • Jennifer Michelle

    Your pics aren’t working for me this morning 😦

  • fromherenow

    I am having issues seeing them sporadically today … I don’t get it! Sometimes when I refresh my page, they show up, and if you click on the underlined title, it shows the image, but they are not embedding in the post! I’ll keep looking into it, but in the mean time, click on the link if the image doesn’t show up. 😦 Sorry!

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