Adventuring: Maine, Day 8

Saturday, our 8th day in Maine, was our last in the state. We woke to see drizzle and fog, grateful we had gotten our bike ride and lunch at Jordan pond in on the gorgeous day before. However, we still had sights we wanted to see. Both growing up as Scouts, we were prepared with raincoats so that the weather didn’t have to ruin our plans. After another great breakfast across the street, we packed up our belongings and said goodbye to the cute motel that had served us so well.

Ready to Check Out

Ready to Check Out

Kevin was hoping to see Bar Island in the daylight, so we trekked into town to see if we could beat the tide and walk across the sandbar again. Unfortunately, we saw that the water had just come back in.

Bar Island Sandbar

Just a small peninsula represented what was the sandbar we had walked across to Bar Island. Pretty cool to see it under water too!

We had seen a gorgeous wine rack made of bark-intact local wood at one of the small shops downtown, so we walked to buy it, getting distracted on the way by the opportunity to collect more sea glass near the harbor.

Big Claw

This big claw was on the beach with the sandglass!

Wine rack stowed in the car, we headed back into Acadia. We had explored several interior sites the day before, but hadn’t spent much time gazing at the awe-inspiring rocky coastline. So, we decided to drive a bit of the Park Loop Road, stopping several places along the way.

The first place we stopped was at an overlook across a cove towards a massive home. It was the most archetypal view of the Maine coast I had seen since we were in the state, and it was quite breathtaking.


The fog was clearing enough to see the massive home across the cove.

Continuing on, we stopped at the renowned Thunder Hole. We weren’t there at the time the tide makes the thunderous sounds off the canyon walls, and while the scenery was beautiful, this area seemed to be the most tourist-ridden of all. The tour buses full of people and man-made walkways and guard rails took something away from the majesty of the coast. Still, as we said numerous times throughout our trip, “We’re here. Let’s do it.”

View from Thunder Hole

View from Thunder Hole

Just down the road from Thunder Hole was an equally scenic but much less populated location called Otter Cove. We spent some time watching the waves break on the rocks here, enjoying the relative solitude and abundant insect and waterfowl activity.

Otter Cove

Otter Cove

Kevin looking out towards the ocean.

Kevin looking out towards the ocean.

Waves Crashing

Waves Crashing

Leaving Otter Cove, we headed out of the main park area, dropping our 7 day auto entrance pass off at the motel for others who might have been able to use it. We drove a bit down Mt. Desert Island to where Kevin had plotted some geocaches on our GPS. After about 20 minutes of following a winding road past humongous homes, realizing we were several hours later in leaving than we had planned, we were about to give up on finding parking for the last cache of the day when I noticed a small pull-off. We spotted a trailhead nearby and meandered a quarter mile into the woods, across a stream, towards the designated coordinates.

Hunter's Beach Trail

A cute bridge along the trail.

We saw a break in the trees ahead, and walked onto one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. This lesser known part of Acadia, a separate piece of land, was so much more scenic than many of the tourist destinations!

Hunter's Beach

Hunter's Beach

Our GPS guided us along an upper cliffside trail offering panoramic views to a rocky outcrop up the hill. We walked to the coordinates and began to look for the geocache when I spotted a large spherical item in a bush. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to realize it was NOT the geocache, but an active hornet’s nest. I quickly ran away, although Kevin doesn’t get easily dissuaded and stayed behind, finding the cache.

We walked back down to the beach, finding it an appropriate place to sit for a while to absorb the contents of our trip and say farewell to the Maine before heading towards home. Kevin was enchanted by the sound created when the rocks were dragged back into the ocean by the waves.

Finally, we hit the road around 4pm, with a 6 hour drive to Sturbridge, MA ahead of us. We chowed on some vacation leftovers for lunch/dinner in the car and made one pitstop, at the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, before checking in to crash for the night.

LL Bean

LL Bean



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