Adventuring: Maine, Day 9

The 9th and last day on the road was a pretty straight shot of driving, but we had a chance to sit down for a yummy breakfast and find a geocache before we left Sturbridge.

The small diner next to our motel, Annie’s Country Kitchen, received rave reviews online, so we decided to investigate before check out time. I had a bit of déjà vu there that leads me to wonder if I had eaten there on a family road trip with a stop in Sturbridge in the past. The food was delicious, and the place was packed! When we left, the line was well out the door. I ordered a short stack of blackberry crisp pancakes (with crumb topping cooked in!) and a side of homefries, and Kevin had a corned beef hash omelette.

Blackberry Crisp Pancakes

Blackberry Crisp Pancakes—Even with a short stack, I brought one of this mega-cakes home!

Kevin's Omelette

Kevin's Omelette

On the way to the highway, we stopped to find a geocache at an unexpected monument/sculpture/park within eyesight of the interstate. It was an easy find, but we stuck around for a moment to take a closer look at the sculpture on the side of the road. It was an odd location for such a memorial. I looked the names up online, and could only find that the individuals were athletes who may have been run over by a truck.



We then hit the road to make good time back to Pennsylvania.

MA to PA

MA to PA

Our only detour on the route back was in New Jersey, just so we could be sure we found a geocache in every state. We got off the highway and found a pulloff near a trailhead. Walking down the trail into the thick woods, we were already stuck in the mud by the time we realized how wet the area was! So, since our shoes were already completely submerged, we carried on down the path. We found the geocache near this cool old car.

Cache Car

Cache Car

Finally, we returned home, fairly exhausted but quite content. Our animals were happy to have us back, and I think my in-laws were quite relieved to be done trying to give our enormous rabbit medicine twice a day. The trip was a success, involving adventures of epic proportion each day. Maine is certainly a state of great natural beauty, in an era when many states seem to have lost some of that valuable trait.


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