Weekend Hodgepodge

I probably could have used a weekend spent catching up on sleep in my own bed this week, since we just got back from vacation last Sunday night, but instead, I packed up a backpack and left on Friday night for a camping trip. I help to lead four Girl Scout troops, including Daisies (K-1), Brownies (2-3), Juniors (4-5) and Seniors/Ambassadors (9-12) and this happened to be their first camping trip of the year! I love camping and sleeping outside, so I really looked forward to the opportunity.

Friday night, I arrived at Camp Tohikanee for a night with just the oldest girls and my co-leaders—relaxing and laid back! Since we all arrive after dark, the girls decided to sleep in a building the first night. The camp is up for sale, and it was sadly a bit evident that not much effort was being placed into upkeep at this time, but it all worked out just fine. We spent the evening chowing down on chips and brownies and talking about all sorts of things, including photo ethics, since the girls are earning their photography badge.

Leader's Quarters

The somewhat creepy leader's quarters. I've never seen a cot quite like this before ...

Saturday morning, the younger children arrived. We worked on the Bugs badge, learning about bugs and making posters, building bug cages, taking a bug hike and creating bug crafts.

Tohickon Creek

Tohickon Creek, a stop on our bug hike.

Beehive Cupcakes

The 4th & 5th graders helped the younger girls bake cupcakes to decorate with honeycomb cereal like a hive.

Hickory Tussock Moth

One of the bugs we caught on our hike. This is a Hickory Tussock Moth caterpillar, not poisonous, but it can cause skin irritation.

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Saturday night, all the girls slept in tents, and braved through it much better than I could have expected. There was only one complete meltdown, and the high school girls were incredibly helpful!

Sunday, I arrived home just in time to go with Kevin to the Open Gate Farm Day at Keepsake Farm. We got to take a nice tour and sample some delicious products. The first generation farmers raise grass-fed beef and free range chickens, then sell meat and dairy products in an onsite store.



Chickens and Cows

Normally, the chickens and cows are separated by an electric fence, but they had "unplugged" it for visitor's safety today, so the animals comingled. Note the small calves to the right side, laying down.

We picked up some Keepsake Ferale, which is washed with a home brewed beer fermented with a wild “feral” yeast, smoked gouda, farmer’s cheese, bockwurst and pumpkin and vanilla ice creams. I can’t wait to share the recipe I created using the bockwurst, but that will have to wait! I can say, though … Farm-made pumpkin ice cream on homemade gingerbread—MMMM.


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