Weekend Hodgepodge

FALL IS HERE! The sky is bright in contrast with the golden leaves, the air is crisp, yet the sun is warm, and I can smell the occasional whiff of a fireplace as I wander my neighborhood. I love autumn—It is by far my favorite season. The colors, the weather, the food—Ahh! So, being that this was the first weekend that truly seemed to embody fall this year, I relished every moment. I spent the weekend devoting myself to the sights, smells, tastes and feelings of the season.

Herb Roasted Chicken Breast

I began the weekend with some Friday night cooking. These simple ingredients became herb roasted chicken, served with roasted beets and turnips. Recipe soon!

Turnip Man

As I was preparing the veggies, I couldn't help but play with my food!

Butternut Spinach Quiche Slice

Friday night, I also whipped up this quiche using one of my favorite fall ingredients—Butternut squash. I'll be posting this recipe soon, too!

I also cooked up a big pot of chicken stock Friday night. You should be jealous of how my home smelled that night.


Saturday morning, I got up early to tackle the pumpkin we received in our final CSA share for the season. (Yes, final. * sniff, sniff * Our farmer's fields succumbed to the rainy weather.) Instructions on how to turn a pumpkin into something useful will be up later this week!


Having successfully transformed the pumpkin into puree and toasted seeds, I took a brisk walk to Moravian College to participate in a Zumbathon hosted by my sister-in-law's sorority. Two hours of looking like a fool, having fun and getting a great workout to support breast cancer education!

Kevin Bear Rocks

After a quick shower, Kevin & I were off for a short hike to Bear Rocks, one of our favorite places along the Appalachian Trail. We were looking for a geocache hidden here, but didn't find it.

Colleen Bear Rocks

I must have been feeling a bit masochistic to climb this after two hours of Zumba.

Us Bear Rocks

We made it!

View from Bear Rocks

The View from Bear Rocks is always worth the climb, especially at dusk.

Bake Oven Knob Sunset

After searching every crevice in Bear Rocks for the geocache, we hiked back the other way on the AT to view the sunset from Bake Oven Knob. Still rocky at BOK, but a little easier to navigate in the dark than Bear Rocks!

Jumbars Strata

Sunday morning started off with some great takeout from Jumbars. I enjoyed the flavors of fall in this whole wheat strata with sage and apples, topped with sausage gravy. Kevin had a sausage & farmers' cheese omelette.

Sage Scones

Inspired by breakfast, I whipped up a batch of stinky cheese and sage scones to pair with soup I anticipate making this week. Yet another recipe to look forward to seeing here!

Saucon Rail Trail

We walked off our breakfast with a few mile jaunt on the new Saucon Rail Trail, finding several geocaches along the way. The rail trail is quite beautiful and passes some seriously large homes!


This vulture was circling and swooping right over our heads.

Flint Hill Farm Cows

After our walk, we drove to Flint Hill Farm to check the place out as part of Lehigh County Open Gate Farm Day. We got to buy some fresh butter, made from milk from these cows!

Flint Hill Farm Horse

I was envious of this horse's hair.

Flint Hill Farm Goat

A kid goat! Since the farm is an educational center, too (offering programs and service opportunities, plus training for handicapped individuals), we also got to see a milking demonstration.

So, all in all, this weekend was a huge dose of autumn. Now, at 12:33AM, with the apartment smelling like spices and a cool breeze coming in the window, I am off to bed to catch up on sleep!


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