Weekend Hodgepodge: Long Weekend!

I left the valley again this weekend, this time for a girl’s weekend in Ocean City, MD at a Girl Scout adult event called “Sharing by the Sea.” It’s way more fun than the title makes it seem. About 100 women from the eastern part of the country gather at a hotel right on the beach for workshops, beach bumming and good times. This year, the theme was “Making the World a Better Place,” so we raised several hundred dollars for the Juliette Low Fund, a scholarship fund and a local food bank. We also held a food drive for the food bank, and several workshops focused on charitable acts.

In true stereotypical girls on the town fashion, our long weekend away began with a shopping trip at the Tanger Outlets in Rehoboth, DE. I generally find some holiday gifts at the outlets, but rarely get anything for myself. This time around, however, I lucked out and scored some great deals (which I didn’t photograph before I hung them up)!


We arrived in OCMD just around sunset, catching this beautiful glimpse along the road. (Thanks for taking this while I drove, Sue!)

Salty Dog

After hauling in our loads of craft supplies, we headed for the Salty Dog, a locals pub near the hotel.

Crabby Fries

I justified these crabby fries (fries, crab, cheese, Old Bay) for dinner by thinking of the dish as a crabcake platter minus the fried breading and roll. Healthier, right? Plus, thanks to a fridge in the room, I had some for breakfast the next day, too!

Opening Ceremony

We all gathered the first evening for a candlelight opening ceremony, passing the flame from all points of the compass.

SBTS Sticker

The committee ordered these cool SBTS bumper stickers for each of us. I have never been so tempted to destroy my paint job.


For some reason, I morphed into a grown-up all of a sudden and now enjoy getting up to watch the sunrise on vacation. This was the view off the balcony of my hotel room.

Workshop Crafts

Our morning workshops taught us several new skills, including how to make survival bracelets from paracord, fashion bracelets from soda tabs and heavy duty bags or envelopes out of flimsy grocery store bags.

Wind Lines Beach

After crafting all morning, a group of us walked the entire boardwalk. The strong wind made these cool lines in sand in addition to making our cheeks rosy.

9/11 Memorial

I found my first MD geocache at this firefighters/9-11 memorial along the boards.


Lunch consisted of more french fries (wish I would have remembered we were doing this when I ordered the dinner fries!) and subs. My co-leader & I shared this tasty cup from a boardwalk classic.

Lifesaving Museum

I logged a geocache at this museum with a friend on the trip.

Body Builders

Walking back toward the hotel, we spotted an arcade full of vintage games and decor. It was slightly creepy, slightly cool and so NOT where I would ever let a child play.


The old school arcade also had these funhouse mirrors, so I enjoyed feeling tall for once.


After the creepy arcade, we headed for a more modern location with ski ball. We blew through lots of quarters here and had a blast. I ended up with black and blue knuckles from unjamming the balls in my lane.


We cashed in our 300-some tickets for a variety of novelties to bring back to our Girl Scout troops at home.


After walking just under 5 miles, we were pretty hungry, so we drove around until we ran across Waterman's, directly across the bridge from the city. I had this excellent grilled salmon with Thai chili sauce and roasted red potatoes.


Arriving back at the hotel, we entered the ballroom to find a bagpiper serenading a woman who celebrated her 50th birthday on that weekend. He was quite talented, but I have to say that bagpipes always make me think of funerals…

Silly Sister

Saturday night was spent enjoying a silent auction and the silly sister white elephant gift exchange. One woman received this truly terrifying mask. I lucked out, walking away with a color-coded set of chop and scoop cutting boards!


Sunday morning, the wind had died down, so I went for a beach walk before closing ceremony. Pardon me if this photo is gross, but I came across this dead fish laying on the sand and was intrigued by it. Anyone know what kind it is?

Finally, we all gathered one last time for a business meeting and closing ceremony. I especially appreciated the sentiment of the closing:

The Knot Closing

As the Girl Scouts of the USA approaches its 100th anniversary, I invite each of us to take a moment to think about Juliette Low (our founder) and those women who helped her in the beginning. Consider the society and lifestyle of 100 years ago. Women had no right to vote, they had to defeat obstacles for higher education, having a career meant struggling every step of the way, and even when a woman married, she became Mrs. John Wonderful—and she lost her own identity. In spite of the world they lived in, these women pushed on to build a program to teach young girls that anything is possible with courage, confidence and character. They DID NOT let worlds like MAY NOT and DO NOT stop them or the girls they led.

Now nearly 100 years later, we—today’s women—take for granted the struggles they endured and all the hurdles they conquered for those first Girl Scouts. We have allowed ourselves to become complacent in today’s world…

I would like to call upon the spirit of the women of our past and ask them to inspire us to untie the KNOTS that are in our minds, hearts and lives. To give us courage to remove the HAVE NOTS, the CANNOTS and the DO NOTS. Give us the courage to erase the WILL NOTS, MAY NOTS and MIGHT NOTS that may have found a home with us.

Ask them to give us the character to release the COULD NOTS, WOULD NOTS and SHOULD NOTS that obstruct our lives or the girls we lead. And please give us the confidence to remove from our minds, our hearts and our lives all the AM NOTS that we allow to hold us back, especially the thought, ” I AM NOT good enough.”

Let us rediscover the strength of our founders, re-connect and embrace their strength as we continue to take action leading girls into our second 100 years. Ad let us remember … The only NOTS we should allow are the KNOTS we tie with rope.


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