Weekend Hodgepodge

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend! I am definitely looking forward to a good night’s rest. I had a TON planned for this weekend, but unfortunately, and as expected, not everything got done.

Free Dinner

Friday night, we went supply shopping for our DIY Christmas gift supplies. We got almost everything we'll need. Since we were out and about, yet trying not to spend money on dinner since we were shopping so much, we got creative. We had two small gift certificates for two different Italian restaurants in town. We used a $10 one for Taste of Italy to purchase a spaghetti dinner, which came with bread and salad—Enough to share of everything. Then, we used a $5 certificate for Penn Pizza to order a side of meatballs. Voila! Free takeout!

Lemon Zest

It felt so strange to buy a fruit that isn't grown here (first time in about a year), but I needed to make lemon zest Saturday morning for a gift I am working on.

Strawberry Acres Slide

After zesting the lemons and straightening up a bit, I was off to Strawberry Acres with my friend who is visiting from AZ and her two sons. They enjoyed the slide at the farm.

Apple Ride

It was the last weekend for apple picking at the farm, so we got the whole topless bus to ourselves. I somehow ended up with two huge bins of apples, so I spent some time trying to think of what I could make with them. Look for lots of apple recipes coming up!

Christmas Gift

After apple picking and a couple of farm stops along the way home, I got to work making Christmas gifts and apple goodies. I can't say what this one is yet because some readers may be receiving it!

Vegan Treats Confetti Cake

Saturday evening, my coworker and I were supposed to take a prospect out for dinner. When I found out she was allergic to gluten and dairy, I knew just where to go! I picked her up a gluten free vegan chocolate tandy cake. By chance, I also scored a treat for myself, as the frosting on this yummy confetti cake cracked while I was at Vegan Treats!

Aladdin Food

We ended up taking the prospect to the Aladdin, a local Middle Eastern restaurant. As usual, the food was delicious. I refrained from pulling out my camera during the business dinner, but I did snap this picture of my leftovers when I came home. I had an eggplant, tomato, chickpea and potato dish, which came with rice pilaf. For appetizers we shared a small pie sampler and kusa, a fried zucchini dish.

Katie's Bunny

When I came home Saturday night, my husband and I got sucked into several Glee episodes while I sewed this bunny out of goves for my niece.


Sunday was the day that got thrown off track. My cat, Irie, hadn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks. We took her to the vet last week for not eating much. They gave her an appetite stimulant, some fluids and anti nausea medication. This weekend, she sounded congested and coughed, so we spent a decent portion of the day and our money in the vet's office. Now, she's got antibiotics and we are hoping it's a simple respiratory infection. A sad moment of realization that at 14, she's an old lady.

Apple Fruit Leather

After Irie's ordeal, I still had time to whip up a batch of apple fruit leather, as well as a couple of other recipes I'll share in upcoming days. Doesn't this kind of look like the USA?


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