Weekend Hodgepodge—Unbuttoned Pants Edition

A four day weekend! I hardly knew what to do with myself!

Actually, I am full of crap—I had my days over planned and over booked from the moment the weekend started. Of course, I didn’t accomplish everything I hoped to, but it was a fun, productive, feast filled weekend.

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Thursday was spent in the kitchen at my in-law's house, cooking, eating and being thankful for a huge vegan feast we prepared.

Click here for the full recipe set for our vegan meal!

Parents Thanksgiving

Friday was Thanksgiving, part two, at my parents house. We had our family's traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, yams with marshmallows, mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, broccoli, salad, cranberry relish and biscuits. The best line from Thanksgiving this year: "Linda, please stop exercising at the dinner table—You're ruining my food coma."


After a high energy game of tag with my niece and nephew, sister and brother-in-laws, we gained back some appetite for my father's pies and homemade whipped cream.

Melted Wax

Saturday, I was up early, working on making more Christmas gifts. Any guesses on what this could be?

Thai Thai II Basil Fried Rice

I met my parents and sister's family downtown for lunch and wandering. We went to Thai Thai II, where I got my favorite—Basil fried rice. This picture is just the leftovers!

Main St.

After lunch, we took a walk downtown, which has turned into a tourist attraction once again for the holiday season. Crowds enjoyed the nice weather as Christmas music pumped through the streets.

Christmas City Village

Since Christkindlemart moved to south Bethlehem, north side tried a new market with "Christmas City Village." About 20 vendors were set up in wooden stall in two locations downtown. It was cute, although not too many vendors caught my eye.

Occupy Bethlehem

At the end of our walk, we passed Occupy Bethlehem (in the Japanese tea garden), which, while still small, has grown from the last time I saw it.

Jumbars Frittata

Sunday started out with our usual Jumbars takeout. I got a crab, asparagus and provolone frittata.

Washed out bridge

We took advantage of the nice weather to walk down the Monocacy Way path from downtown Bethlehem to Illicks Mill park. The damage from the hurricane and early snow is still quite apparent, as you can see from this washed out bridge.


Can you spot the geocache in this picture? Kevin found it!

Gertie Fox Sign

One geocache took us to Burnside Plantation, where we saw this sign that honors Gertie Fox, the woman whose lawn I waited on for my schoolbus. She stopped a bulldozer from taking down trees when she was an elderly woman.

Willow Trees

The whole walk was quite beautiful, except for when some inconsiderate people allowed their two huge dogs to run out of control through the woods. I know it makes me an awful person in some people's eyes, but I like the leash law. My idea of a good day does not include a doberman pinscher running at me through the woods as I am sitting on a point looking over a pond.

Blue Dresser

When we got home, we moved our old desk to a friend's house, then began work on stripping the paint from this dresser we picked up at a yard sale.

Theo's Gyro

We tried out Theo's Gyro on Linden St. for dinner. The food was fantastic. I had a traditional gyro, but the flavors run from cheesesteak to buffalo chicken to "Boolicious." Plus, they deliver! Finally, an alternative to pizza or Chinese for delivery!

Onion Garlic Crackers

The weekend ended with a sad realization I had to go to work the next day and a cracker baking marathon for my contribution to the Bethlehem Food Co-Op meeting and potluck on Wednesday. I made onion garlic crackers to go with butternut squash dip I'll be making.


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