Can it be?

Can there really be enough energy, dedication and enthusiasm about a Bethlehem Grocery Co-Op that it could be a reality within a few years?


That much was made clear to me at the first co-op meeting tonight. Aside from getting to eat a ton of great food (everything from venison to red pepper-walnut dip to muffins), I learned so much about the principles of co-ops, the crazy amount of work behind setting one up, and the spirit that exists in this community towards issues a co-op would address. This is what I was looking for in a community— what I saw in Portland but hadn’t yet fully seen here. The sheer amount of ideas generated and smiles were enough to keep me positive about humanity for another year, at least.

Jaime, Cathy and Summre were masters of running an efficient meeting (I think they should come run my Brownie meeting sometime. :P), even with attendance at a much higher level than anyone expected (I would estimate around 80-100 people—fantastic!).

I walked out of the room with not only a bright outlook and a full belly, but with a new task: create and maintain a blog for co-op news, independent of the Facebook group. I came home so jazzed up from the meeting that I’ve stayed up to create it and put up the first post. So, here you have it—click here to jump in!

To read a more detailed account of what was said at the meeting take a look at The El Vee blog

Today I worked a full day, went to the Westgate Farmers’ Market, had lunch with an honored guest at work, led a Girl Scout Brownie meeting, attended a 2-hour co-op meeting, and created a new blog. I’m going to collapse now. G’Night.


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