Weekend Hodgepodge

I am sad to see this weekend go! Not only don’t I feel caught up on sleep enough to face a busy week ahead at work, it was just so full of friends, food and fun I wish it could go on for a few more days.

Sausage, Mushroom & Kale Pizza

Saturday night, my great friend Sarah came to visit from Moscow (Moscow, Pennsylvania, that is). I hadn't seen her in months, so it was great to catch up! We made this pizza topped with fresh tomato sauce, kale, sausage and mushrooms to chow down on for dinner.

You can find the recipe for the whole wheat pizza crust here.

Mario Party

We munched on pizza, drank cider & rum (followed by beer) and played Mario Party with Kevin. I lost by an incredible landslide.

Apple Upside Down Cake

I told Sarah I'd whip us up a batch of brownies. She flipped through my brownie cookbook and found a recipe for apple upside down brownies, which used a few more dishes but was way more rewarding. I only had a round pan, so it turnout out more like a cake, but was excellent. Recipe coming soon! We nibbled on this cake as we worked on making faux capiz chandeliers until 2am.

Jumbars Strata

Saturday was started off right with some takeout from Jumbars—Sarah & I both got the savory strata that I have been hooked on lately.


Saturday afternoon, we headed to our friend Tori's to use her newly established crafting area. Seriously rockin' craft space—TV, plenty of seats/surfaces and a wetbar!

Taco Dip

"Lunch" was a mad dash to the hot dish of taco dip Sarah made. Layers of salsa, cream cheese & cheddar—Doesn't get much gooier!

Etched Pint Glasses

I finished a bunch of monogrammed pint glasses we'll be filling with a special treat and giving as Christmas gifts.

Tori Crafting

Tori made some awesome bottlecap rings and embellished hair flowers.


Sarah worked on this monochromatic wreath and some colorful wall art gifts.


I also finished my niece's bunny. Craft day was such a success, we agreed to do it once per season.

Cali Burrito

The day ended with Kevin meeting us at Cali Burrito for dinner. I gobbled down half of the burrito of the week, full of smoked local tofu, peppers, onions, olives, tomato sauce, black beans & brown rice. Kevin & I were supposed to go see a play after this, but he was so wiped from working all day that we postponed until Thursday.

Sunday Snacks

Sunday, after a Jumbars breakfast sandwich, I made a batch of sweet potato and beet chips to bring along to a friend's home as a group of us gathered to brainstorm & dream of all the wonderful things happening in Bethlehem. We also nibbled on a delicious chickpea salad and pumpkin-cranberry muffins, washed down with homemade chai.


Feeling properly inspired, I headed out to meet my husband, father-in-law and grammy-in-law (plus her friend) to attend the annual Christmas Vespers. Albeit rather churchy for my usual taste, the amazing music and candlelit portion of this event in downtown Bethlehem make it heart warming.

Belfrey Brass

My favorite part of vespers is the brass ensemble that plays from the tower of the church as the crowd of hundreds exits into the historic area. The selection of music this year was better than any I had heard in previous years.


Following vespers, we headed to my in-laws for an evening of conversation and delightful nibblies with my parents, Kevin's parents, both of his grandmothers and one of their friends. This kind of weekend should happen more often.


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