I’m Back!

Well, that was a lovely break—I’ve barely touched a computer for the past week! Between last minute gift crafting and a whirlwind Christmas weekend, I am still recuperating, but am back to blogging with some really exciting posts coming up! Our holiday was great. We got to enjoy seeing every single one of my four sisters (plus their husbands & children) and were happy to have Kevin’s grandmother with us as she spent her first Christmas living in Bethlehem.

I think our handmade gifts went over well (look for a handmade gift guide coming soon!) and we were very fortunate to receive so much.

Food Related Gifts

Hmm, I think people may have realized we enjoy cooking & growing food … New toys include an ice cream maker, panini press, herb dryer and dumpling press, plus I now have a TON of books to read for din-spiration and research!

Irie Tuna

Irie also got in on the action with a tuna & crackers gift set!

Our Christmas weekend included all the fixin’s for a holiday—Way too much food, plenty of booze, a trip to take my nephew to see Santa, Moravian Lovefeast/candle service, the Hanukkah menorah being lit at Christmas dinner, bouncing around between parents’ homes, laughter and Christmas movies.

Star of Bethlehem

As much as I get frustrated during tourist seasons in this town, it is pretty cool to have a "real" Star of Bethlehem hanging over our valley.

I hope you all had a great holiday, whether or not you celebrate Christmas. I’ll be playing catch up around here the next few days, so keep your eyes out for new posts!


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