To Live with Intention

Well, the web is a buzz with “resolutions,” and I figured it’s about high time I jump on the band wagon. Last year, my only resolution was to not throw up on New Year’s, and I achieved that pretty easily. This year, my list is longer, but I cannot bring myself to call the items on it “resolutions.” The word makes me think of Congress, and I try not to mimic that cluster. So many of the words used to describe this phenomenon of fresh-start behavior feel clinical, boring and confining. I don’t want to set rules for myself. I want to make life changes and enjoy life’s experiences, little & big. So, I am penning (well, typing) this list of intentions and some ways I might live them out. Living with intention in itself seems like a pretty worthy goal for the next year, so I think I am off to a good start.

  1. I will live with intention to be healthy.
    1. Exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times/week.
    2. Drink 60 oz. water per day.
    3. Eat local, chemical free food.
    4. I will walk to work every day it is not raining.
    5. I will not become a self-loathing hypercritical crazy person if I don’t always seem to go by these intentions.
  2. I will live with intention to expand my mind.
    1. Read a book for at least 30 minutes 5 days/week.
    2. Write (on paper) at least 5 minutes daily.
    3. Work on a farm.
    4. Practice Yoga.
    5. Visit the Unitarian Universalist church to see what it’s like.
    6. I will learn more about wine.
  3. I will live with intention to connect with my community.
    1. Work on a farm.
    2. Shop local as often as possible.
    3. Become immersed in community programs I support.
    4. Attend at least one community event per month.
  4. I will live with intention to cultivate kindness.
    1. Express gratitude freely.
    2. Compliment others when warranted.
    3. Practice at least one random act of kindness each week.
  5. I will live with intention to widen my comfort zone.
    1. Learn to laugh out loud on a regular basis.
    2. Try new foods whenever the opportunity arises.
    3. Learn to cook local game (if Kevin provides meat).
    4. Get over my awkwardness about dancing in public.
    5. Lessen my apprehension about dogs.

One response to “To Live with Intention

  • Charlotte

    This is a great list. I mostly want to add that I highly recommend checking out the UU. They have a lot going on in terms of community outreach and, as a non-religious person, have found their weekly masses to be incredibly joyful and uplifting.

    P.S. if you’d like to lessen your apprehension about dogs, I have a Moose who needs cuddling. (:

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