Weekend Hodgepodge

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” ―Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

The big shadow of Irie’s death still kind of clouded this weekend’s chance at sunshiney fun, especially when combined with a hospital visit, Christmas un-decorating, catching up on household business, and the remnants of a chest cold, but not every weekend is destined to be insano-amazing—That’s what lets the fantastic ones seem even more fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, this weekend wasn’t terrible, and it included time with friends and some remarkably good meals.

The Other Fish Sushi

Friday night, my friend Sarah came to visit in an attempt to cheer me up with a few drinks (not many because of the steroids I had to take for a crazy allergic reaction earlier in the week) and a trip to The Other Fish for delicious sushi (which I thankfully was not allergic to—no clue what the aforementioned reaction was to!). The little hole-in-the-wall that used to be Hacks serves up some fine rolls and gyoza. We tried the Shamus, Mr. Haas and Porkchop.

Kevin Express Times

Saturday morning, Kevin's handsome face appeared throughout Bethlehem on the front page of the Express Times. They photographed him removing the zillion candles his crew maintains downtown for Christmas. Yep, he risks his limbs every year to scale buildings putting up all those quaint window candles on the historic buildings. He might as well be Santa.

Most of my day Saturday was spent visiting a friend in the hospital. She took a bad fall and broke her collarbone, dislocated her shoulder and broke both bones in one leg. Sunday was her birthday, so I thought she could use some company on the weekend. I brought her one of the survival bracelets I made at Christmas and told her she needs to wear it whenever she walks down stairs. 🙂

Jumbars Tofu Scramble

Sunday, of course, began with takeout from Jumbars. I was feeling a bit over-saturated with meat, so I opted for this delicious vegan tofu scramble with squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu, spinach and potatoes. As always, excellent!



After breakfast, I got to work doing the laundry I had neglected over the holidays while Kevin worked on un-decorating the house. Anyone who knows me well will be able to attest for my hatred of laundry. It is one of few tasks that reduces me to whining, sulking and otherwise carrying on. P.S. Anyone know why there is a raccoon on this sign? I've always wondered.


Potts Doggie Shop

After my healthy breakfast, I didn't say no to the option of a Potts' hot dog for lunch, provided I walked to get it. After walking one direction to the ATM, then another to Potts', I rememberedd they are closed on Sundays. So, I walked downtown to try out the new Istanbul Grill, which was closed despite an hours sign claiming to be open 11am-10pm.


Finally, I wandered past Francisco's Salvadoran restaurant, which called out cheerfully against the gray sky and had a lit open sign. I hadn't been in this place since it was the Kimchee Express, but I figured it was worth a shot. It was great! I ordered a sampling of dishes like papusas and tacos for barely any money. The flavors were fresh, not oily, and handmade. I'll be back!

Pasta Drying

While I was making an epic walk for our lunch, Kevin put his new Christmas gift (a pasta rack) to work making and drying some homemade pasta for later use.


With Salvadoran fuel and the walk to warm me up, I headed off to a two-hour Zumbathon for colorectal cancer with my sister-in-law, Sarah. We had a blast, but man, they were intense! It was two hours of non-stop full energy with over 100 people.


Finally, we picked up some takeout pho and brought it back to slurp down while watching Tangled. It was Kevin and Sarah's first time experiencing pho, and they were just as enchanted as I am with the Vietnamese noodle soup and all its condiments.

Now, to hope this work week goes by quickly, because next weekend is EVERCLEAR! 😀




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