Weekend Hodgepodge

Well, I’m a couple of days later than I planned to be posting this, but better late than never! This past weekend revolved primarily around two things: Girl Scout cookies and a new furry friend!

As some of my readers know, I help lead four Girl Scout troops, ranging from the youngest level, Daisies, to the oldest level, Ambassadors. All four of the troops have established goals for what they’d like to earn enough money to accomplish. The younger girls’ goals include camping trips, a community garden, an animal shelter visit, and putting on a concert. The high school girls would like to camp, film a PSA about women in the media, host a gallery show of photos they have taken, and save for a trip next year to Disney to take part in the educational behind the scenes program. Pretty decent goals for kids to have, if you ask me!

The biggest fundraiser the girls run each year is the cookie sale. This year, our troops were lucky enough to get a bunch of booth sale slots on the opening weekend of the sale. Unfortunately, it was COLD and on Saturday, snow deterred many prospective customers. Regardless, we spent Thursday & Friday nights, Saturday 9am-9pm, and Sunday afternoon selling cookies throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Girl Scout Cookie Booth

Look for tables like these to help support Girl Scouts in your area!

Just before the cookie sale began, there was a bunch of press about Girl Scouts, focusing on a video created by a scout who was urging a boycott on cookies. You can read about and watch the video here. While I always support girls speaking their minds about what they believe in, I also try to instill the values of acceptance and understanding. So needless to say, I was pretty upset to see this video. However, I was thrilled to see the responses that began popping up in support of Girl Scouts for their commitment to acceptance of all girls. In fact, many people have been committing to buy extra cookies this year to demonstrate their support!

So, in case you need more of a reason to buy cookies than helping local girls achieve some worthy goals, think about showing your support for a greater principle of acceptance. If neither of those things strike your fancy, think about the fact that Girl Scouts now offer several vegan cookie varieties. If none of those reasons have you rushing to buy cookies, think about how delicious they taste (They are the only processed cookie I’ve purchased in years!). And finally, if you still don’t want any cookies for yourself, think about donating some money to send cookies to soldiers overseas through the Cookies From Home program.

There’s my shameless plug for Girl Scout cookies.

Aside from cookies, some other delicious food came into my life this weekend: a Pure Sprouts all-local bin!

Pure Sprouts Bin

whole wheat bread, purple & orange carrots, rutabagas, cabbages, microgreens, cremini mushrooms, sunchokes, ricotta cheese, ground beef, eggs

Since cookie sales occupied much of my weekend, I was so grateful to be able to order this bin and have some fresh ingredients for the week!

Saturday night ended with a trip to Your Welcome Inn, a local dive, with a friend of mine I hadn’t spent time with in a little while. I love a good dive bar, but I’ve got to say I don’t love them quite as much since I’ve quit smoking. It was good to hang in the dark South Side bar again, though, catching up with friends!

Sunday also began with good food … our traditional Jumbars breakfast!

Jumbars Omelette

I had the omelette of the week with cheddar, grits, smoked bacon and caramelized onions.

Jumbars SOS

Kevin had Jumbars SOS with mushrooms and spinach.

Finally, the most exciting thing of the whole weekend happened while we were eating breakfast! I got a text message from a foster parent from the East Coast Maine Coon Rescue informing me that a set of adopters had backed out and one of the cats we were interested in was now available! I called my co-leaders to see if they’d be willing to cover the start of our booth sale without me and we hopped in the car to head to New Jersey for a feline meet & greet.

This is who we came home with …


Introducing, Tober!

Tober was found on the streets in South Carolina. He was taken to an animal shelter with an 86% euthanasia rate. ECMCR seeks out Maine Coon cats in situations like these, then brings them to foster homes until they can be adopted.

Tober is a 2 year old male. Right now, he weighs 10 lbs., and he will likely double in size within the next 1-3 years! We’ve only had a few days with him so far, and he has a bit of a cold, so he’s not as energetic as he will be, but he’s got some great traits:

  1. He sleeps in the bathroom sink.
  2. He follows us everywhere.
  3. He has a tiny, refined mew for his size!
  4. He dreams about running and moves his legs accordingly.
  5. He can already stand for his treats.

So, Tober was the big event this weekend. We’re so excited to get to know him and have him as part of our lives! I’m sure you’ll see pictures in the future. 🙂


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