Weekend Hodgepodge

I swear, this is the last of the string of weekends where my life revolves around Girl Scout cookies. I didn’t even post a Weekend Hodgepodge last week because I didn’t even want to think about cookies again to write about it! I did have some time for non-cookie related fun this weekend, though.

Homemade Egg Sandwich

Saturday morning started off with a homemade pepper-jack & egg sandwich on an english muffin. We took the weekend off from Jumbars food so that they could wrangle the restaurant week crowd, but I've got to say, my egg sandwiches just don't measure up. I even wrapped it in wax paper like they do so I could eat it in the car, but it's not the same!

Girl Scout Cookie Booth

My sandwich was scarfed down in the car on my way to a booth sale at the ever-so-uplifting Westgate Mall. It's so funny to think I used to hang out there …

Thad Jett

After the booth sale, I picked up Kevin, and we ran off to SteelStacks to visit our favorite winter market vendors, Jett's Produce (Farmer Thad is pictured here) and Apple Ridge Farm. Thanks for the garlic, Apple Ridge!

Potts Doggie Shop

After the market, we swung by Franklin Hill Vineyards to pick up some wine for our Superbowl festivities, then grabbed a quick, artery-clogging lunch at Pott's.

Liz & Ryan at the Bookstore

Shortly after lunch, a friend who was visiting from out of town invited me to her parents' house to have a glass of wine as they celebrated several relative's birthdays. Later, we headed to the 20's themed Bookstore Speakeasy.

Johnny Apple Tea

I indulged in this great Johnny Apple Tea concoction of apple brandy, Grand Marnier, black tea bitters and something else that I can't remember … I also had a Hemingway Daquiri, and we shared chickpea popcorn, wild mushroom & goat cheese toast, and sweet potato crisps with onion dip.

Sausageless Gravy

On Sunday, Kevin woke up craving sausage gravy, but there was no sausage in the house. So, we created a mushroom-based hearty breakfast that was just as tasty! Recipe coming soon.

Girl Scout Cookie Booth

What's this? Another cookie booth sale? Yep, Sunday afternoon was spent peddling cookies at the very unusually deserted Crayola Factory in Easton.

Tober Superbowl

The weekend wound down with a feast (recipes posted!) of snacks as we settled in to watch the Superbowl commercials (which, unfortunately, the streaming online broadcast doesn't include in entirety). Tober hung out on the couch, too, but I don't think he's much into football or commercials by the way he conked out for much of the game!


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