Are These Smart Meters Really Such a Smart Idea?

I don’t know much about the new smart meters that are being installed throughout town, but I have to say, it seems like a situation where the end user loses.

It is ridiculous to me that when your car leaves the space, any extra time on the meter disappears! When I worked at the Boyd, we used to argue over who could act as the “meter fairy” and surprise people outside with extra time or fill their expired meter to help them avoid a ticket while they enjoyed a movie. With these meters, you can’t even pay it forward or carry out a random act of kindness by leaving time on the meter for the next person to use the spot! I definitely say a loud BOO to that. Plus, as Wink’s article points out- Isn’t this kind of unethical? If I put a quarter in a meter, I expect there to be that amount of time on the meter, regardless of whether my car is there or not.

[I once heard that the city’s budget depends partially on parking tickets. Anyone know if this is truly the case?]

Read more about the smart meters here at Wink Magazine:

BPA part III.


One response to “Are These Smart Meters Really Such a Smart Idea?

  • winkpinup

    Thanks for the repost! The amount of meters set to be installed is 500 at approximately $500 a piece. And the money does not go directly to the city in any way. If you want, re read Jason’s previous installments- he tries to break down their complicated system as best as he can. As of now, we really need the support of the locals to help the southside get the things we need in order to feel ok with these meters.

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