Weekend Hodgepodge

Surprise, surprise … This weekend was very food-centric. We splurged and ate out/got takeout a few times for two reasons: One, we find out we are actually getting a tax return this year! After owing over a thousand dollars the past couple of years due to my freelance design work, this was certainly cause for celebration. Two, this week begins the start of my training for the Dirty Girl Mud Run. So, while I won’t be subjecting myself to any crazy diet, I’ll be eating out less, cutting sweets and carrying out a running and strength training plan to get ready for this exciting run!

Molto Pazzo Pasta Raphael

Friday night, we treated ourselves to dinner at Molto Pazzo, a relatively new restaurant in downtown Bethlehem. I enjoyed this Pasta Raphael with broccoli rabe, sausage, sundried tomatoes and garlic over whole wheat rotini. They will sub whole wheat or gluten free for any of the pastas! Kevin loved his chicken saltimbocca. Great atmosphere, great food!

Nuts About Ice Cream

For dessert, we brought home some Nuts About Ice Cream sundaes. I had ginger ice cream with hot fudge, and Kevin had his classic chocolate peanut butter ice cream with strawberries.

Cindy Jumbars

After a Saturday morning full of errands, I went with my friend Cindy for brunch (complete with mimosas!) at Jumbars to celebrate her birthday. She tried the great Jumbars SOS, and I had a New England omelette.

Farmers Market

After brunch, Cindy & I headed off to SteelStacks to stock up on fresh ingredients from the farmers market. I forgot to bring my cookbooks to participate in the cookbook swap, but I did bring home these tasty veggies and a loaf of potato bread!

Saturday afternoon was full of more errands, then we met both of our families for dinner at the East Hills Moravian Church Italian Buffet. I forgot to take pictures, but the food was great and the proceeds went to provide camp scholarships for kids. Good stuff!

Kevin Top Diner

Sunday morning, we left the coziness of bed to go to Top Diner for brunch. Packed as usual, we enjoyed a great diner breakfast for pennies! I have enough country scrambled eggs to last for two more meals.


Much of Sunday afternoon was spent tackling the messiest part of our house- my desk. I had been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of papers that accumulated on top of it, but, with a joint effort, we plowed through the work and my desk is wonderfully productive now! I spent the evening catching up on some design work, enjoying the clear surface.


Unfortunately, Kevin's allergy to our rabbit, Rabbicchio, got the best of him today, and he ended up wheezing his way out of the office to get his inhaler. After a tough conversation, we decided it would be best for his health to find Rabbicchio another home. Fortunately, an acquaintance from Girl Scouts who already owns two rabbits quickly volunteered to adopt her. It will be a bittersweet goodbye tomorrow, but Kevin's got to breathe!


Having completed all of the desk cleaning work and with Kevin breathing deeply again, we decided to try the Prince Palace Dumpling House, another relatively new restaurant, for dinner. WOW. Amazing food. Located in a set back lot on 512, this place looks rather sketchy. However, it serves incredibly authentic Chinese food at inexpensive prices. We sampled several varieties of dumplings and steamed buns (including Chinese soup buns (called juicy buns here!)). We couldn't believe how huge the portions were (lunch for the week!). We got all of this food for $30.

Turkey Pot Pie

Finally, with a busy week ahead, we got a jump start on cooking dinner for the upcoming days by putting together a turkey and veggie pot pie, which baked while I planned my Girl Scout meeting.

Potato Leek Soup Ingredients

While I worked on the pie, Kevin cooked up a pot of vegan potato leek soup. Now, we're ready to take on a hectic week with some homecooked meals ready for us!


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