Lehigh Valley Transplant Takes on What It Means to be From Here Now

I just wanted to write a quick post to share something great that I just saw on Lehigh Valley Transplant, another local blog. A blog reader wrote an email to LVT, saying he or she is considering accepting a job in the Lehigh Valley and asking for advice. Megan, the blog’s author, wrote a thoughtful and honest response to the reader, answering questions about how it is to meet young professionals in this area, etc..

Even though I am not new to the area, it is just recently that I started meeting and socializing with a bunch of people I didn’t go to school with. Prior to that, my circle of friends included almost exclusively people I knew from either high school or college. Those people are still in my life (fortunately—I wouldn’t trade my friends for the world!), but I’ve met so many new wonderful people through my work, Girl Scouts, and the Bethlehem Food Co-Op (thanks for the co-op shoutout, LVT!). It consistently amazes me how many fascinating and motivational people live just blocks from me.

Another part of Megan’s response that resonated with me, particularly today, was her statement, “One benefit of living here is that there are lots of things to do right here in the Lehigh Valley, and if you can’t find what you want, Philadelphia and NYC are about an hour away.” This is truly one of the most valuable (and under appreciated!) aspects of living in this area. As I prepare to go to NYC tomorrow to spend time with my husband in Central Park, have lunch at some delicious foodie haven, and see the Whitney Biennial, I realize how truly awesome it is to live so close to two major cities. What the Lehigh Valley lacks in diversity (which isn’t quite as much of a deficit anymore), the easy access to both cities makes up for in no time. While yes, it would be fantastic to have rail service to the major cities from this area, it is still incredibly easy, and relatively inexpensive, to hop on a bus and be immersed in culture within a couple of hours.

So, take a moment to read Megan’s post, and share your thoughts on what it’s like to be From Here Now!


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