Ode to a Napkin

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law, Sarah, who made me realize the utter importance of napkin origami this weekend. I don’t know how my meals were ever complete before the table was adorned with the products of her napkin folding prowess. Sarah recently acquired these skills as part of training for her new job—the first she has had within her field, which I thought was nursing, but is actually napkin origami. So life-changing was this napkin experience, that I have forgone writing a Weekend Hodgepodge about Easter festivities to allow for the appropriate homage to napkin origami.

Sarah and Napkin

You can see the look of strong determination in her eyes as she sets out to fold the napkin.

After realizing, with horror, that our napkins lay on the table in rectangular form, Sarah prepared to save the Easter meal from ruin by transforming the flat beige squares into polyester pyramids of power. She proceeded to encourage each of us around the table to sacrifice use of our napkins for the aesthetic of the tablescape and slipped off into a day dreaming fantasy about demonstrating table decorating on the Martha Stewart show.

Adorned Easter Table

Clearly, we wouldn't have gotten nearly the same enjoyment out of our Easter meal without the presence of neatly folded objects on our plates.

Sarah and I filmed a bit of a napkin-folding tutorial, but the content is just too powerful to convey through digital media. You’ll have to see Sarah personally for a napkin origami lesson if you want to enhance your life in this manner.

I certainly hope you can appreciate the value of this fine art. It’s absolutely a vital piece of our culinary culture. I am eternally grateful to Sarah for sharing this skill with me.


The Polyester Pyramid of Power

The Polyester Pyramid of Power


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