Weekend Hodgepodge

Whoo … I am wiped out from this weekend. It was three days of straight celebration between Commencement where I work and Mothers’ Day. There are much worse ways to spend a weekend than celebrating, but non-stop for three days gets to be tiring!

Greek Festival

I’m starting this Weekend Hodgepodge post with lunch break on Friday—The Greek Food Festival at St. Nicholas’ in Bethlehem! Twice a year, this church pulls out all the stops and cooks up Greek specialties en masse. For $10, I got two meals worth of stuffed peppers, green beans, orzo, salad, and bread. [Secret: If you go the last day, in the last 15 minutes, everything is half price]

MTS Senior Banquet

Friday night, Moravian Seminary Commencement activities began, and I attended to carry out my responsibilities as event photographer and wish the students well. Just after work, the whole MTS community gathered for a communion service, followed by a banquet.

Billy Bob Zinzendorf

Esteemed banquet guest Billy Bob Zinzendorf made his annual appearance at the banquet, providing a humorous review of the year. (For those concerned, Billy Bob DID sign a photo release, haha.)

After grazing at the banquet, I ducked out to pick up Kevin and head to a friends’ home for dinner function #2—Takeout from Prince Palace Dumpling House! I forgot to take a picture of the spread, but it was delicious and seemingly endless.

Running Shoes

Saturday morning I woke up with the determination to run a solid 4 miles for the first time. I ended up walking a portion of the last mile (why, oh why, did I put the Elizabeth Avenue hill at the end of my route???), but I did it!

Tober Laying on His Back

This is my cat doing a pretty accurate imitation of how I looked when I got back from the run.

Moravian Theological Seminary Commencement

After chugging some water and chowing down on some kohlrabi, I traded my running shoes for heels and dove back into Commencement activities. My co-workers and I set up a reception, then dashed downtown to take part in the ceremony. Academia is so funny …


After the ceremony, our building flooded with people (One student had a CHARTER BUS of supporters. How cool!) for a reception.


I kept my nibbling at the reception to a minimum because I knew that Kevin was at home preparing homemade lasagna with freshly made ricotta and his own pasta.

Ice Cream

For dessert, we pigged out on these ice cream sundaes. Yes, that is artificially colored mint chip ice cream and whipped cream from a can. It was utterly disappointing. However, the chocolate raw milk with whipped cream vodka was NOT disappointing.


Sunday morning, I woke up early enough to snap this photo of the pretty flowers I planted before our slew of rabbits ate the blossoms off again.

Salmon Pizza

Two of my sisters and I took our mother to Sette Luna (review coming soon!) in Easton for brunch. After a bit of a wait, despite our reservation, the food was well worth it! I enjoyed this pizza topped with smoked salmon, ricotta, red onion, capers, and lemon. As my father noticed, “It’s like a twist on lox on a bagel!”

Yin & Yang Fondue

For my mother- and grandmother-in-law, we picked up some take out Mexican from Fiesta Olé (a favorite of my mother-in-law), then went out for dessert at the Melting Pot, where we enjoyed this Yin & Yang fondue and Flaming Turtle fondue.

After arriving back home, I popped a chicken in the oven to roast for dinners this week and set out to catch up on some of my work backlog. Now, I think it’s time to hit the hay.

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