Summer Vacation

Lake Mauch Chunk

Lake Mauch Chunk (Camping adventure #2)

You know how, when you were a kid, there was that huge sense of anticipation as the days of the school calendar dwindled down and you looked forward to summer vacation? Maybe your summer was going to be jam packed and busy with camps, friends, odd jobs, and late nights, but it still was something to completely look forward to. Well, since the middle of May, that’s how life has been here—Completely insanely busy, but all with wonderful things! I’ve gone on two camping trips, met with the Mayor of my town, worked on a farm each week, wrapped up the Girl Scout year for the Brownies with the First Aid and Hiking badges, helped run an Amazing Race for the Seniors, plus worked my regular job and made time for my husband and cooked up some tasty food. In the next 10 days, I’ll spend 2 nights in Washington D.C. for the world’s largest Singalong, 2 nights in Philadelphia for a cooperative business conference, attend a court hearing for the jerk who stole my camera, run a local 5k, celebrate Fathers’ Day, and hopefully attend the SouthSide Film Festival.

What am I getting at, here? Well, during summer vacation, there’s no homework—Even if that homework would be on a topic you love. It wouldn’t be vacation, otherwise!

So, From Here Now will be taking a summer vacation until the beginning of July. When I get back, I’ll be refreshed, invigorated, and full of cool things to do in the LV and foods to enjoy from our local sources.

In the mean time, go outside, find a fruit tree in your neighborhood for a free snack (make sure you bring someone who knows what trees are safe!), make garlic scape pesto, pick strawberries, sit on your porch and watch a thunderstorm roll in, read a book, and choose one of your daily tasks to put aside for a short amount of time—make your own summer vacation!

See you in July!


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