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Weekend Hodgepodge

I didn’t get to write this Sunday night for Monday posting because I told my husband I wouldn’t go online all day Sunday in honor of his birthday (which is actually today). You see, Kevin is not a huge internet fan, especially when it comes to social media. He’s totally supportive of my blog, but it made him smile to know he’d have me all to himself on Sunday, when we celebrated his birthday.

Pulling the pictures for this post, I realized that it looks like all I did this weekend was eat. I swear I did more than that!

Mei Fun

Friday evening we picked up some Chinese takeout from Eastern Palace to eat while we watched Fresh on Netflix. I got this mei fun, which I am still working my way through! It was huge!

Bethlehem Food Co-Op Table

Saturday morning, I picked up a fellow co-operator and drove to the Lehigh Valley Zoo for the Farm Fest, where the Bethlehem Food Co-Op had its community event debut! We spent the morning talking to enthusiastic community members, handing out brochures, selling some merchandise, and having people fill out member profiles and feasibility studies.

Tex's Smokin' BBQ

On the way back from the zoo, we stopped at the drool inducing Tex's Smokin' BBQ on Rt 309. The only advertising this authentic Texas BBQ truck needs is the smell as you approach it. Our co-op t-shirts did their job nicely, too, inspiring several comments and questions!

BBQ Pork Sandwich

Tober was very interested in my pork sandwich.


After working my shift at the zoo, I had picked up some items from farmers who were there, including some plants for our garden. A bunny chewed the flowers off the pretty colorful plant right after it went in the ground, but new blooms are sure to come soon! We planted parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano and kale. The rest of our veggies will come from our CSA.

Grilled Dinner

After helping plant the garden, Kevin went fishing with a friend. I worked on some freelance projects, then, when they returned, we grilled some burgers, kale, and potatoes for dinner. Grilled kale is EXCELLENT.

Ham, Egg & Potato Crepes

Sunday was Kevin's birthday (observed), so he got to pick whatever he'd like to do for the day. I made these ham, egg, & potato crepes to start the day off.

Primo Hoagies

We lounged around for the morning, then got Primo Hoagies for lunch. Mine had eggplant, roasted red peppers and broccoli rabe.

Titanic Poster

Surprisingly, Kevin changed his mind from the original plan of fishing all day, and we went to see Titanic in IMAX 3D instead. Man, that movie is way sadder on a huge screen.


After the movie, we picked up some pho for dinner. This stuff is like an all powerful elixir.

Birthday Celebration

Finally, we capped off the night with a little birthday celebration including cake batter martinis in sprinkle rimmed glasses, Jumbars chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, and presents. Happy birthday, Kevin!


Weekend Hodgepodge

This weekend was supposed to be mostly work with little time to play. BUT, the weather was sooo gorgeous, I couldn’t bear to be inside staring at a computer screen, knowing that the sun was shining, breeze was blowing and spring had sprung outside.

Jumbars Brownie Sunday

Friday evening we had a last minute visit with one of my sisters over dinner at my parents house. We enjoyed some meatless lasagna, salad, Jumbars dinner rolls, and broccoli. The meal was topped off with Jumbars brownies, topped with natural vanilla bean ice cream, and a dollop of espresso fudge. Mmm.

Tober & the Sardine

Saturday morning started with a bit of amusement as Tober was supremely fascinated with this illustration of a sardine. Too cute.

Running Sneakers

I recently began the Couch to 5k running program, in preparation for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in May, so I went for a run in the brisk morning air on Saturday.

Food Co-Op Logo Sketches

Saturday afternoon was occupied by Bethlehem Food Co-Op business. First, I spent two brain boggling hours with the other designers, trying to finalize and whittle down our numerous logo options. Then, I met with a few other cooperators to discuss a feasibility study at the Wise Bean.


For a hearty and inexpensive meal on Saturday night, I whipped up a batch of red lentil daal (recipe coming soon!).

Girl Scout Sunday

Sunday, groggy from the daylight savings time change, I headed to a place I rarely go- church. It was Girl Scout Sunday, so the members of our troops volunteered to be ushers and host a coffee hour at the church where we meet as a thank you to the congregation.

Coffee Hour Table

The girls did a great job distributing bulletins, reading liturgy, collecting offerings, and providing food for the coffee hour. I prepared a vegan coffee cake to serve.

Green Pond

Sunday afternoon, I couldn't bear to be indoors, so Kevin and I set out on a geocaching expedition to some of the prettiest places in Bethlehem Township. The first cache we found was located on the shore of Green Pond. Tranquil, although it did smell a bit rank since the area is frequently flooded.

Louise Moore Flowers

Next, we went to Louise Moore Park and had a picnic, having brought some sandwiches from Martellucci's. Signs of spring abounded, and we were happy to see the large community garden.

Monocacy Meadow Railroad

Next, we followed our geocaching GPS to Monocacy Meadow, a small but pretty park that is a popular fishing location. We found a multicache and took a walk along the railroad tracks.

Housenick Park

The last park we visited was Housenick Park on Christian Springs Road, one we had never been to before. It is an absolute gem! This is a relatively new park, still being worked on, and is a fascinating blend of history and nature. It is large and beautiful; 55 acres of rugged terrain, abandoned estate buildings, and the Monocacy Creek.


It was so refreshing to see the tufts of green popping up through the layer of dead brown leaves.

Sun flare

We explored the rugged outlying areas of the park, finding several geocaches.

Archibald Johnston Home

Another fascinating part of the park is the Archibald Johnston home, abandoned and disintegrating atop a hill. It's a beautiful structure, full of intrigue and faded elegance.

Archibald Johnston Home

After a bit of research when we came home from the park, we learned that Bethlehem Township has hopes to restore this grand building that was once home to the mayor of Bethlehem/Bethlehem Steel Executive Archibald Johnston.

Crazy Tree

We found our last cache for the day within this crazy tree on the edge of the park. It will be exciting to see the improvements as the progress of fixing up/restoring this land continues.

Through the reading we did about Housenick Park and Archibald Johnston, we also learned a lot about a current conflict between Central Moravian Church and local environmentalists and township residents. As it turns out, the downtown Bethlehem church inherited a large stretch of equally beautiful land directly bordering Housenick Park. Instead of preserving or conserving the land they were charged with by a Johnston relative upon her death, they have entered into discussions to develop this land into apartments and business properties. After seeing the land and realizing what development would do to the environment (especially the already stressed Monocacy Creek!), the atmosphere and the dwindling open space in the area, I sincerely hope the church acts as responsible stewards, finding someone else to properly care for the tract if they cannot themselves. I cannot adequately explain the conflict or intricacies here, but I encourage you to learn more about this possible poor decision in the works, and let your voice be heard if you want future generations to enjoy the great natural spaces we have in our town. If you’d like to read more about this conflict, click here for a recent article in the Morning Call.

* stepping off my soap box *

I am so glad to have stepped away from what could have been an glum indoor weekend full of chores and tasks to enjoy the great outdoor areas we have in our back yard. Supposedly, next weekend will be similarly nice out, so I’ll have to make sure to work hard this week to play hard next weekend!

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Weekend Hodgepodge

The start of this weekend was pretty low key, beginning with a trek to our CPA for a tax appointment on Friday night. Yeah, what a rad Friday, huh? It was a steady crescendo, however, culminating with an incredibly inspirational trip to Weavers Way Co-Op in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Jumbars Frittata

Saturday began with a delicious Jumbars fritatta, loaded with sausage, caramelized onions, farmers cheese, and roasted red peppers.

New Tripoli Road

After breakfast, I headed out under the dreary sky to New Tripoli with my Girl Scout co-leader to visit a friend/sister scout who took a bad fall and is homebound for weeks.

Keepsake Barn

In the afternoon, Kevin and I visited Keepsake Farm, where we had a long chat with Farmer John and got to see a calf that was born that morning! I was trying to take a picture, but this cow stepped right in front of the view!

Petite Beef Tenderloin & Mushrooms

We picked up a petite tenderloin and cooked it up into this meal of beef & mushrooms in wine sauce with roasted red potatoes with blue cheese & lemon juice and spinach. Recipes to come soon!


The sunset looked especially dramatic through the wind blown clouds Saturday evening.

Finally, on Sunday, a group of us piled into the car to visit Weavers Way, a utopia of cooperation and good food. It was amazing, informative and inspirational!

I’ve detailed every bit of our experience on the Bethlehem Food Co-Op website. There’s a detailed photo tour of both Weavers Way locations so that you can start to get as excited as I am about the possibilities for our town! Part one is here and part two is here.


Co-operators with the produce manager from Weavers Way Chestnut Hill

While you are at it, head over to the Bethlehem Food Co-Op Facebook page and click “like” so you can stay informed about the awesome stuff we have planned!

Reminder: Bethlehem Food Co-Op Meeting Tonight!

One of the coolest things happening in Bethlehem right now is the development of the Bethlehem Food Co-Op, a good-food grocery store that will serve the downtown areas of the city. Even though we are in the earliest stages of the process, it’s obvious that this will be amazing due to the passionate, dedicated people that have already gotten involved. Tonight, planning moves to the next step as committees meet to formulate plans, select leaders and vote on an official name.

Come get involved—All are welcome! There’s something for everyone to do, whether you have lots of time or just a little, no matter where your talents lie! Bring a friend or neighbor that might be interested, a snack to share (if you’d like to), and your ideas for how we can make this happen.

The meeting will be held at 7pm at the Ice House on Sand Island. For details about the meeting agenda, click here.

Sand Island Ice House

See you tonight at the Ice House!

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