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Taking a Break!

I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory

This is basically a picture of my kitchen last night, trying to coat & package over 100 truffles.

This week, in order to bring our homemade Christmas to fruition, I am taking a week off from blogging! There are still coloring books to draw, caramels to package, lots of gifts to wrap and a couple of errands to run, so I’ll be focusing my efforts on getting everything done by next weekend!

What do you have to look forward to when I return next Monday? Well, here’s a sampling of what I hope to post next week:

  • A cookie blow out including pumpkin chocolate chip, honey herb, peanut butter and my can’t-live-without-them thumbprint cookies
  • Candies! Truffles & beer-pretzel caramels!
  • Homemade herb salt
  • Homemade sugar scrup
  • A guide to handmade gifts for any occasion you might have coming up
  • and more …

So, whoever may be reading this, I wish you merriment as this holiday season kicks into high gear, and I’ll see you Monday!


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