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No Pasta Lasagna—It’s What’s for Dinner!

Whether you are trying to cut down on carbs, eat more veggies, change up the standard lasagna or are simply out of lasagna noodles, this recipe is for you! In a lighter twist on hearty classic lasagna, I substituted zucchini and eggplant slices for noodles and layered them with a fresh tomato sauce. It’s a rich taste of summer. I am pretty sure this would hold up in a slow cooker, too!

No Pasta Lasagna





  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Thinly slice eggplant and zucchini the long way. Sprinkle both sides of each slice with salt and set on paper towels to rest.
  3. Chop onion, garlic, pepper and tomatoes.
  4. Sautée onion and garlic over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Add pepper, sautée 2 minutes.
  6. Add tomatoes and red wine.
  7. Simmer over low heat for 10-15 minutes.

    Tomatoes Simmering

    Tomato Sauce Simmering

  8. Meanwhile, chop basil and oregano and mix with ricotta cheese in small bowl.
  9. Add egg to ricotta cheese mixture, stir until smooth.
  10. Spread 3/4 c. sauce over bottom of 9×13″ baking dish.
  11. Evenly place zucchini and eggplant slices over sauce.
  12. Dollop 1/3 of the ricotta mixture over vegetable slices.

    Assembling the Lasagna

    Assembling the Lasagna

  13. Top with 3/4 c. sauce.
  14. Repeat layers until all components are used up, ending with sauce on top.
  15. Slice cheese and place evenly over top.
  16. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until vegetables are tender and cheese is browned on top.  Let sit 10 minutes before serving.

    A twist on the traditional!

    A twist on the traditional!


Weekend Hodgepodge

As anyone who lives on the east coast is well aware, Hurricane Irene paid a visit this weekend, bringing all the hype (especially after the earth tremor the east coast was surprised by earlier this week), flooding and downed trees a storm of that size could muster. As I read countless Facebook posts from frightened people (some of them rightfully so, depending on their locales), I made a decision to treat this weekend like a summer snow day. While yes, our area was to expect power outages, flooding and downed trees, it was sure to be nowhere near as severe as the coastal areas. I was bummed to have had to cancel our camping trip for the weekend, but determined not to let a storm ruin all my fun.

My Saturday morning consisted of running the errands I knew I would not want to venture out for once the storm began (and yes, I did make the obligatory trip to purchase some D batteries for the Mag Lite, just in case). My errands mainly centered around rainy day necessities—Good food and wine.

Keepsake Farm

Clouds were gathering as I pulled in to Keepsake Farm in Northampton on Saturday morning. There will definitely be a full post about this place one day.

Keepsake Farm Goodies

My Keepsake Farm goodies: raw milk (which was being bottled as I was in the store), raw garlic herb jack, raw smoked gouda, just made ricotta. You'll definitely be seeing these ingredients in some upcoming recipes.

I also took an early storm walk to downtown Bethlehem to visit Franklin Hill Vineyard‘s shop and pick up a couple of bottles to ride out the storm with.  I didn’t bring my camera on the walk for fear of soaking it in the rain, but I picked up a bottle of Vidal Blanc and a Simply Red, both of which definitely helped add some cheer to a couple of cloudy days.

Top Diner

Despite the rain falling outside, it certainly didn't seem like a hurricane yet, so when my husband came home from work and asked if I'd like to visit Top Diner, my absolute favorite LV diner, I had to agree. We treated ourselves to some comfort food: a burger and gravy cheese fries with coffee for him, a meatloaf sandwich and soup for me, all for under $11.

We returned home and waited for the excitement to begin, watching movies and doing lots of cooking (recipes to come!).

Irie the cat in a rooster hat.

Waiting for the storm also left us some time to get into mischief, much to Irie's dismay.

Irie trying to remove rooster hat

Irie did some acrobatics to try and remove the rooster hat. She ultimately succeeded.

The heavy rain and wind didn’t start until around the time we hit the hay, but Sunday brought lots of cleanup work for my husband at the properties he manages plus time to wander with the hoards of others taking pictures of the swollen waterways and splintered trees:

Bethlehem Historic Industrial Quarter Flood

The Bethlehem Historic Industrial Quarter, at the bottom of the hill behind the Hotel Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Historic Industrial Quarter Flood

Looking towards the tannery from outside the tunnel near Moravian College's south campus, water reached the stairway. The little yellow dot to the left of the tree is the top of a fire hydrant.

Lehigh River Hurricane Irene

The Lehigh River had not yet reached flood stage, but it definitely was swollen & fast! It is expected to reach rise above flood stage 8/29.

Lehigh River Hurricane Irene

Looking east down the Lehigh River towards Bethlehem Steel.

Fahy Bridge Closed to Pedestrians

We wanted to get a view of the Lehigh River from above on the Fahy Bridge, but it was pretty clear that pedestrians were not allowed today. Police were patrolling the area to enforce the signs and barricades.

Limb Down Center St. Bethlehem

This big limb came down a half a block from our apartment and was perilously leaning on the powerlines. In fact, it still is leaning there tonight ... I think the tree services are a bit overloaded today!

Tree Down Fairview St. Bethlehem

A couple of blocks from our apartment, near Liberty High School, this smaller tree seems to have blown into splinters.

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