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Weekend Hodgepodge

This weekend, I actually spent a fair amount of time out of the Lehigh Valley, both in NYC and in the Pocono Mountains. I took a vacation day on Friday, so my weekend actually began Thursday night.

The DInner Party

Thursday evening, I joined about 20 other people from the Moravian College community for an homage to Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party." We each created a place setting in honor of a women of our choice (I chose Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts). We all shared dinner and presented our place setting and brief biographies of the women.

Blog Award Celebration

Just after I arrived home from the Judy Chicago event, I found out this blog won "best neighborhood blog" in the My Choice, My Voice contest. To celebrate, we picked up a pint of Ben & Jerry's and enjoyed a nice, stiff drink.

Central Park

Friday morning, we were up bright and early to catch a bus with the art department to New York City. We spent the first part of the day visiting with my sister and geocaching in Central Park.

JG Melon

For lunch, we stopped by the cozy J.G. Melon to try one of their famous burgers. They lived up to the reputation- Juicy and flavorful.

Violinist Archway

After lunch, we walked back to Central Park to find a couple more geocaches. This musician was taking advantage of the archway acoustics to practice.

Wrought Iron

In our meandering around the upper east side, we came across some really ornate architectural details, like this fence.

Whitney Biennial

After lunch, we headed to the Whitney Museum to see the Biennial exhibit. This wasn't my favorite Biennial ever, but there were several works I really enjoyed.

Performance Art

This artist was doing a sort of performance art/social experiment, having moved her entire studio into the Whitney. She works in her studio for 8 hours per day, living in front of the museum visitors.


This arrangement reminded me of a Tim Burton sort of composition. I liked the use of space and the wiry feel of the birds.


After the Whitney Biennial, we trekked back up to 80th St. to visit Eli's, a great food store with all sorts of specialty items and fantastic breads.

Granola French Toast

Saturday morning, I attempted breakfast again, with this crunchy granola coated french toast, topped with honey yogurt.

Eli's Purchases

We quickly gathered a few purchases before catching the bus back to Bethlehem. We picked up some erryngi mushrooms, fresh squeezed juice, challah bread, and a chocolate croissant (to snack on during the trip home!).

Basil Fried Rice

After the bus dropped us off, we picked up some food from Thai Thai II and relaxed after all of the running around we had done.

Padula Potatoes

Saturday was the first day in quite a while that I didn't have something major planned. I visited one of my Girl Scout's mothers to help her set up a blog, then drove out to Padula Potatoes to pick up my last bag for the season. I took some to my friend's home and ended up chatting over tea for much of the afternoon.

Ramp Stuffed Potatoes

Saturday evening, I made these ramp (or wild leek) stuffed potatoes for dinner.


Saturday night, a strong storm came through our neighborhood and left hail covering our porch.

Jumbars New England Omelette

Sunday morning began with a New England Omelet from Jumbars.

Camp Hidden Falls

Sunday afternoon, I visited Camp Hidden Falls, a Girl Scout camp in the Pocono Mountains, to see how it might work for our service unit camping trip.

Moss Flowers

Just before the rain began, I noticed these beautiful moss flowers at the camp.

Rainbow Trout

We ended our weekend with a meal centered around some rainbow trout Kevin caught for us (it was the first weekend of fishing season). I had never prepared trout before, but this dish, topped with ramps and bread crumbs, was delicious!


Weekend Hodgepodge—Unbuttoned Pants Edition

A four day weekend! I hardly knew what to do with myself!

Actually, I am full of crap—I had my days over planned and over booked from the moment the weekend started. Of course, I didn’t accomplish everything I hoped to, but it was a fun, productive, feast filled weekend.

Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

Thursday was spent in the kitchen at my in-law's house, cooking, eating and being thankful for a huge vegan feast we prepared.

Click here for the full recipe set for our vegan meal!

Parents Thanksgiving

Friday was Thanksgiving, part two, at my parents house. We had our family's traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, yams with marshmallows, mashed potatoes, mashed turnips, broccoli, salad, cranberry relish and biscuits. The best line from Thanksgiving this year: "Linda, please stop exercising at the dinner table—You're ruining my food coma."


After a high energy game of tag with my niece and nephew, sister and brother-in-laws, we gained back some appetite for my father's pies and homemade whipped cream.

Melted Wax

Saturday, I was up early, working on making more Christmas gifts. Any guesses on what this could be?

Thai Thai II Basil Fried Rice

I met my parents and sister's family downtown for lunch and wandering. We went to Thai Thai II, where I got my favorite—Basil fried rice. This picture is just the leftovers!

Main St.

After lunch, we took a walk downtown, which has turned into a tourist attraction once again for the holiday season. Crowds enjoyed the nice weather as Christmas music pumped through the streets.

Christmas City Village

Since Christkindlemart moved to south Bethlehem, north side tried a new market with "Christmas City Village." About 20 vendors were set up in wooden stall in two locations downtown. It was cute, although not too many vendors caught my eye.

Occupy Bethlehem

At the end of our walk, we passed Occupy Bethlehem (in the Japanese tea garden), which, while still small, has grown from the last time I saw it.

Jumbars Frittata

Sunday started out with our usual Jumbars takeout. I got a crab, asparagus and provolone frittata.

Washed out bridge

We took advantage of the nice weather to walk down the Monocacy Way path from downtown Bethlehem to Illicks Mill park. The damage from the hurricane and early snow is still quite apparent, as you can see from this washed out bridge.


Can you spot the geocache in this picture? Kevin found it!

Gertie Fox Sign

One geocache took us to Burnside Plantation, where we saw this sign that honors Gertie Fox, the woman whose lawn I waited on for my schoolbus. She stopped a bulldozer from taking down trees when she was an elderly woman.

Willow Trees

The whole walk was quite beautiful, except for when some inconsiderate people allowed their two huge dogs to run out of control through the woods. I know it makes me an awful person in some people's eyes, but I like the leash law. My idea of a good day does not include a doberman pinscher running at me through the woods as I am sitting on a point looking over a pond.

Blue Dresser

When we got home, we moved our old desk to a friend's house, then began work on stripping the paint from this dresser we picked up at a yard sale.

Theo's Gyro

We tried out Theo's Gyro on Linden St. for dinner. The food was fantastic. I had a traditional gyro, but the flavors run from cheesesteak to buffalo chicken to "Boolicious." Plus, they deliver! Finally, an alternative to pizza or Chinese for delivery!

Onion Garlic Crackers

The weekend ended with a sad realization I had to go to work the next day and a cracker baking marathon for my contribution to the Bethlehem Food Co-Op meeting and potluck on Wednesday. I made onion garlic crackers to go with butternut squash dip I'll be making.

Adventuring: Maine, Day 1

As you probably noticed, posts were a little sparse around here for the last week. (If not for the wonders of technology and auto-posting, there would have been none at all!) The reason behind my absence from the cyber world was that we were on an epic road trip up the east coast to explore three areas in Maine! Instead of buying gifts for our wedding anniversaries, we like to save the money to do something awesome together. So, for our second anniversary (which is actually tomorrow), we packed up the car and headed out of the Valley! Our trip was seriously non-stop filled with activity and adventure, and I took a gazillion pictures, so I’ll be posting about each day separately.

For starters, we set out on the road on 9.24 to make the long drive to Falmouth, ME, near Portland.

Map of our route to Maine

We took turns making the 8 hour drive from the Lehigh Valley to Falmouth.

Falmouth was our first destination because one of my sisters lives there with her husband and son. We hadn’t yet visited them in Maine, so when they invited us to spend a couple of nights at their home on Casco Bay, we gladly accepted!

To make our travel more interesting, we plotted out a route of geocaches along the way. So, when we stopped to stretch our legs, we could focus on something fun instead of just walking in circles. Our first find was at the Connecticut visitor’s center in Danbury, where we stopped to eat the Jumbars sandwiches we brought along. We also found another just off of I84 on the side of the road.

The third cache was located near Walden Pond in Massachusetts (where Thoreau spent time writing). I saw the sign for the pond, got excited, and exited the highway without knowing where we were going. Well, it turned out the pond was quite a distance from the exit, but we looked at our GPS and found a geocache nearby at this beautiful nature area.

Massachussetts Nature Area

We never would have seen this beautiful park if not for the geocache!

After about a 3/4 mile walk through beautiful meadows, we found the cache hidden in a wooded area. It was a great place to stretch our legs and get a view of a different region’s landscape.

Walking the Path

We were grateful for a beautiful spot to stretch our legs.

After a quick tick check (there were large signs warning about Lyme disease infected ticks in the area), we jumped back in the car to finish our drive. Just a short distance into Maine, we began seeing fog rising off rivers and inlets and a vivid sunset behind us.


Sun fading behind us.

The fog grew thicker as we moved up the coast, but broke just before we arrived in Falmouth. After a quick moment to settle in at my sister’s, we were off to Portland with her family to chow down on 5 Guys and see the nightlife of the town.

True exploration began on Sunday … Day 2 coming soon!!!

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