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Weekend Hodgepodge

This weekend was strange, to say the least, and not in the manner one would expect a Halloween weekend to be strange. While it didn’t turn out exactly as planned, it was still a decent weekend, albeit lacking my highly anticipated trip to Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Bethlehem Halloween Parade…

Rum & Candy

Friday night kicked the weekend off with a venture to my friend's house for handing out (and eating) candy and drinking cider and rum while watching Interview with a Vampire. A good Friday night.

Snow Autumn Leaves

I knew the forecast called for snow on Saturday, and at first I thought it was neat to see white crystals on vividly colored autumn leaves …

Backyard Snow October

…then I realized this storm was no "trick" for Halloween. This was the view by 11am. Pretty autumn leaves weigh a lot when they are covered with snow. Large old trees in a historic town don't like that.

Rosemary & Sage to Dry

Sometime in late morning, it struck me, even though I had read that rosemary and sage can last in the garden until Thanksgiving, it normally doesn't SNOW before Thanksgiving! I bundled up and rushed outside to harvest the herbs, plus move the potted plants inside. I put on some scary movies and got to bundling the rest of the herbs for drying.

Jumbars Lunch

Around lunch time, my friend from Jumbars kindly invited me to pick up some lunch, an offer I could not turn down. I brought home my favorite—Greenwich St. Special (turkey, apples, dijonnaise and sharp cheddar, hot and open face) with a cup of curried yam soup. When I returned home, I found an issue of Food Network magazine in the mailbox—Perfect, since our power had started flickering.

Kevin Work Truck

Unfortunately, my husband can never take advantage of perfect snuggling weather like this, since he does snow/branch removal for the historic part of our town. He stopped by to run a plow through our always neglected alley and told me the town looked like a war zone. He worked from 7am–8pm Saturday, 2am–2pm Sunday and 6am–4pm Monday.

Cooking No Power

By 7pm, the snow was slowing down, and I thought we were safe from power outage, so I started making a homemade pasta and meatballs dish for dinner. Of course, my Friday the 13th birthday showed its luck, and the power went out shortly after I began food prep, shortly preceded by the loud crack of a limb across the street. Fortunately, we have headlamps, matches and a gas range, so I finished making dinner in the dark and we ate a fabulous meal by candlelight. I'm beginning to think headlamps were one of the best investments we've made.

Saturday night, we looked at stars through our telescope since city lights weren’t interfering and watched the ominous green and purple flashes fill the sky as transformers and wires exploded across town.

Food in Snow

The power wasn't back by Sunday afternoon, and the electric company hotline didn't predict it to return until that night. The fridge food was already not quite cold enough, so I carried it all outside and buried it in the snow. It worked well, although when we heard it would be a whole nother day until power returned, we took that food and the freezer contents to my in-laws' chest freezer.

Sea Glass Jewelry

I spent Sunday afternoon bundled up, straightening the house and making this jewlery from sea glass we collected in Maine to give to my sister-in-law for her birthday. We also played the Game of Life, and I started reading The Shallows—a book about the effects of technology on our brains.

Sarah Blowing Out Candles

In the evening, we headed to my in-laws' house to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday and enjoy some heat and lights!

Elephant Cake

My husband's family made this fun elephant birthday cake.

Halloween House

On our drive back, we noticed this house, which definitely had not lost power. It was funny to see all the Halloween decorations with snow!

After 3 days of some heavy duty bundling in blankets and hoodies, reminiscent of our frigid first apartment, we finally got power back late Monday night. Rocky Horror Show was canceled Saturday night, the parade canceled Sunday afternoon, but we had a valuable reminder that convenience is purely a bonus, and our board games got an extra workout!


What’s For Dinner?

Can you figure out what I made for a weekend dinner based on these local ingredients? Check back for the recipe on Friday and see if you were right!


spinach, potato, poblano, cheese, red onion, garlic (NOT PICTURED: butternut squash, eggs, milk)

Also, since we are still without power at our house and I am hurriedly typing this on my lunch break, Weekend Hodgepodge will be a bit late this week! I promise I will be back on schedule with posting as soon as our power comes back and my fingers thaw!

Branch on Wire

When a branch this size falls on the wire leading into your house, it's pretty likely you will be without power. Thank goodness for head lamps, gas cooktops and in-laws with chest freezers as we enter our 3rd day without power!

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